Hearing and Facial Muscles

Interesting; how you hear is linked to how you move your facial muscles.


Testning Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

I think I have to accept the fact that this blog has turned into one with very few posts per month, and not containing very much pertaining to the blog’s subject. Nevertheless, science is still progressing, doing cool things! For example, some researchers have been able to test Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle to the extent that they have actually been able to make things move by just observing them. Also, seems that you can make small objects colder by observing them.
So, just observe this blog, and it might turn into a software blog again. 😉

Complexity of Songs

Scientists have analyzed the complexity of the songs of the humpback whale. It’s quite advanced, they found! I’m sure you already know of the corresponding analysis of human songs, as demonstrated in Donald Knuth’s seminal paper.

Gravitomagnetic Fields

Researchers have been able to measure the gravitational equivalent of a magnetic field, called a "gravitomagnetic field". Not that I understand what this really means, but they believe that their results are in contradiction with Einstein’s general relativity, and could be useful for unifying that and quantum mechanics. Cool!

Jupiter’s Got a New Red Spot

You know Jupiter’s great read spot, don’t you? Now, a new red spot has formed!

Mars Express

Could this possibly true, or is someone joking with us? It’s been published in New Scientist, and it’s not April the 1st.

Visual Thinkers Ignore Stuff

My suspicions have finally been proved: people thinking visually do it by ignoring more stuff! I’ve always thought that people who always wants to draw a diagram about everything are missing all the important stuff. But now it’s been proved!

Via BoingBoing.