Offline Task Handling Application

In a recent post, I complained about Ajax applications, in particular Remember the Milk, and how the requirement to have an online connection at all times makes it impossible to handle your tasks whenever you want to. I really needed an offline-able application for that! And I hoped that it wouldn’t be Outlook, because I felt it’s not flexible enough. But turned out to be Outlook after all!
I checked out David Allen‘s GTD plugin for Outlook, and now I’m sold on that one. The only problem was that I first needed to get a backup routine in place in order to consider Outlook a "trusted system" (which Remember the Milk is unfortunately not).


In Search of Conceptual Integrity

Search engines are indeed very strange. On Google, I’m number one on "conceptual integrity". Same on MSN Search. But on Yahoo, I’m number thirty-six. I doubt that anyone would be consulting my blog as the number one reference on conceptual integrity! But I promise, I will be writing something directly connected to that topic, sooner or later!

The searches: