Visual Thinkers Ignore Stuff

My suspicions have finally been proved: people thinking visually do it by ignoring more stuff! I’ve always thought that people who always wants to draw a diagram about everything are missing all the important stuff. But now it’s been proved!

Via BoingBoing.


Ajax vs. SOA

While surfing the web, I happened to find a blog entry by Dion Hinchcliffe, containing some interesting observations on the conflict between Ajax and SOA, related to my recent discussion with Dag K├Ânig. The most interesting part is the enumeration at the end of the post, under the heading "SOA Implications".

Ha, Dion’s blog is the first one I’ve seen that looks like a OneNote notebook! That’s cool. Well, reasonably cool, at least.

New Official Release of RSS Bandit

Finally, the "Nightcrawler" release of RSS Bandit has been released. Looks good, so far! The only obvious thing that I can see doesn’t work is communicating the "read" status with Newsgator Online. The right feeds get synchronized, but it looks as if I haven’t read any items.

I hope they’ve fixed an annoying thing with "newspaper view": if a refresh of all feeds occurred while I was reading a group of feeds in newspaper view, that view just vanished, and I had to start reading that view from scratch again (because items might have been added). Doing "mark as read" when I started reading in newspaper view wasn’t a solution either, because I didn’t know if I’d be lucky not to get a refresh operation while reading. It isn’t an easy problem, because if the newspaper view would stay, while the feeds were refreshed, marking all items as read should only mark those in the newspaper view, or I would be forced to mark every item as read, individually. I haven’t checked through their list of fixed issues yet, but I’ll tell you later whether it works satisfactorily or not.

Update 29 Nov. 2005: They have indeed fixed the bug, not in the way I thought, but in an even better (less complicated) way. The newspaper view isn’t removed when new items arrive, so I can mark everything as read before I start reading. Then if new items arrive, I won’t see them in view, but they will be unread, so I’ll see them the next time I read from that category.
I just have to remember to press Ctrl-Q (mark all as read) before reading, and not to do it after reading.

Classical Music Radio

I’ve just found a nice site for listening to classical music, called Magnatune. What I like most, except for them having a nice selection of music, is that they’ve partitioned their music into sections "before 1800" and "after 1800"!

Sudoku and Enterprise Architecture

Roger Sessions makes a point comparing solving Sudoku puzzles and doing Enterprise Architecture. The comparison isn’t that far-fetched, actually! For example, there are many dimensions of constraints, and at any point, you shouldn’t just guess what to do, because if you make the wrong guess, you won’t see that until you’ve been through a long, horrid path of wasted time.

Google Base and Subscribing to Anything

Ha, seems that Google Base might soon get us to the goal of subscribing to anything via RSS. Russell Beattie explains here.

Cracking Passwords in Windows XP

Hm, seems that it’s pretty simple to crack a password in Windows XP. I’ll remember to disable "boot from CD" in the BIOS and to add a BIOS password…
Via Lifehacker.