No Dark Matter

I guess you’ve heard about the problem of finding the "dark matter" that cosmologists fuss a lot about. Without that kind of matter, they haven’t been able to properly explain how the galaxies are behaving, and for the matter, how the universe itself is behaving. That is, until now. Some researchers in Canada have found that we don’t really need the dark matter after all. But note: this paper isn’t published yet, so don’t believe in until then. (Then you can believe it until it’s falsified!)

2 thoughts on “No Dark Matter

  1. Marcus October 11, 2005 / 10:13 am

    I can’t say that I understand any of the details of the paper, but I read the following: “Dark Matter” is a “trick” necessary to make Newtonian mechanics work for describing the dynamics of galaxies. These guys show that general relativity can handle galaxy dynamics without resorting to “exotic” dark matter. (I was hoping that Theoretical Astrophysics would be relieved of patching theories to make them fit data …)

    B.t.w. I love the language of the paper. Physicists write with much more entertaining prose than computer scientists, engineers or biologists. This is something I should have known when I choose my career…

  2. Thomas Drakengren October 11, 2005 / 5:27 pm

    Yep, the language is nice. And in particular I like the way physicists (and mathematicians, for the matter) can tie what almost seems like everyday language (like “dark matter”) to very precise physical (or mathematical) concepts.

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