Knowing Your OS

If you’re writing software with a lot of concurrency and multithreading in it, if you’re writing kernel-mode drivers, or if you interact with the OS in some other nontrivial way, you’re helped immensely by knowing the inner workings of the underlying OS. Channel 9 (that’s Scoble and his friends) has published a very interesting and entertaining (indeed, if you’re a geek!) series of interviews (videos) with people on the Windows kernel team, called "Going Deep". The series was published a while ago, but I haven’t seen a complete listing of it anywhere else, so here it is:

Inside File System Filter, Part I – Neal Christiansen
Inside File System Filter, Part II – Neal Christiansen
Windows, Part I – Dave Probert
Windows, Part II – Dave Probert
Windows, Part III – Dave Probert
Windows, Part IV – Dave Probert
Windows, NT Cache Manager – Part I – Molly Brown
Windows, NT Cache Manager – Part II – Molly Brown
The IO Manager and Driver Model, Part I – Nar Ganapathy
The IO Manager and Driver Model, Part II – Nar Ganapathy
NT Object Manager – Adrian Marinescu
Windows Memory Manager – Landy Wang

Even Linux people (perhaps mainly those developing Linux itself) could learn from this series, I think. For example, have you ever heard of a Windows user who had to recompile the Windows kernel to install a program? 😉

If you want to learn more about such things, read the book "Microsoft Windows Internals" (new edition, new title!).

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  1. Conceptual Integrity February 10, 2006 / 11:22 am

    Going Deep

    Now, there is an index of the complete Microsoft Channel 9 Going Deep series: look here. I don’t know if it existed when I wrote this post, but anyway, now we’ve got it.

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